Walrus Art
Official Name Flippr Walrus
Appeared Launch
Status Playable
Sub-group of Species

Walruses are one of the main species on Flippr Island. They are available to all players, and are one of two species to not have any kind of feet or flippers. They cannot use Colors. Their compliment is seals. Tusk is a walrus, but has his own sprite. Merry Walrus is also a walrus, but he is also given his own sprite.


Walruses are similar in body shape to penguins, but have no feet. Instead of a beak, they have a brown-grey muzzle with two tusks protruding from the bottom. Walruses have a tail that is behind them. They also have two distinct bushy eyebrows. All walruses have dark brown bodies with lighter brown bellies.


  • Tusk is a walrus, yet he also has feet. He doesn't walk with them however, he rides on a cloud of dark energy.
  • Merry Walrus is also a walrus with feet, and he does walk with them.


Official ArtworkEdit