Rooms are places where players can play on Flippr. There are currently 60 permanent rooms on the island, and 5 rooms that are temporarily available on a recurring basis.

Most outdoor rooms are accessible from the Map. Any room on Flippr is accessible by walking to it.

All permanent rooms are located on Flippr Island, with the exception of the Iceberg and Western Berg.

Returning and New RoomsEdit

Rooms on Flippr come in one of three forms. Returning rooms are rooms that are based on their Club Penguin counterparts. While they may be minorly or drastically redesigned, they are still returning in some regard. New rooms are rooms that do not appear on Club Penguin as permanent rooms.

Returning Current RoomsEdit

The following rooms return on Flippr while still appearing on Club Penguin:

EPF Command Room Everyday Phoning Facility Lodge Attic Beach Beacon Iceberg
Boiler Room Book Room Cave Cave Mine Cloud Park Coffee Shop
Cove Dance Club Dock Dojo Dojo Courtyard Fire Dojo
Snow Dojo Water Dojo Forest Snow Center Puffle Hotel Lobby Puffle Hotel Spa
Puffle Hotel Rooftop Hidden Lake Lighthouse Puffle Berry Mall Mine Ski Hill
Puffle Park Pet Shop Pizza Parlor Plaza Stadium Flippr University
Mine Shack The Migrator Ship Hold Crows' Nest Captain's Quarters Clothes Shop
Town Underwater Cafe Ski Village

Returning Cut RoomsEdit

The following rooms return on Flippr after being cut from Club Penguin.

PSA Headquarters Ninja Hideout Recycling Plant The Stage Sport Shop

New RoomsEdit

The following rooms appear only on Flippr:

Gadget Room Western Berg Cafe Yard Community Center
Shadow Dojo Puffle Hotel Dining Hall Puffle Hotel Balcony Puffle Hotel Pool
Puffle Hotel Sitting Room Puffle Hotel Suite Wild Ponds Puffle Lounge
Flippr University Classroom Flippr University Gymnasium Lake Wikia Puffle Woods

Permanent RoomsEdit

Rooms are listed alphabetically by SWF name. Please do not reorder unless necessary.
"*" denotes a room without a Club Penguin counterpart. Permanent Rooms are rooms that are always accessible on Flippr.

Image Room Name Location Minigames SWF Name
2015-4agent PSA Headquarters* Sport Shop None agent.swf
2015-4agentcom EPF Command Room Everyday Phoning Facility None agentcom.swf
2015-4agentlobby Everyday Phoning Facility Ski Village None agentlobby.swf
2015-4agentvr Gadget Room* EPF Command Room None agentvr.swf
2015-4attic Lodge Attic Ski Lodge Mancala attic.swf
2015-4beach Beach Southwest Flippr Island None beach.swf
2015-4beacon Beacon Lighthouse Jet Pack Adventure beacon.swf
2015-4berg Iceberg Off the Coast of Flippr Island Aqua Grabber, Don't Crash the Hopper berg.swf
2015-4boiler Boiler Room Underground Club None boiler.swf
2015-4book Book Room Coffee Shop Mancala book.swf
2015-4cave Cave Underground None cave.swf
2015-4cavemine Cave Mine Underground None cavemine.swf
2015-4cloud Cloud Park The Sky Puffle Pop cloud.swf
2015-4coffee Coffee Shop Town Smoothie Smash coffee.swf
2015-4coffeeyard Cafe Yard* Coffee Shop Bean Counters coffeeyard.swf
2015-4community Community Center* South Flippr Island None community.swf
2015-4cove Cove Southeast Flippr Island Catchin' Waves cove.swf
2015-4dance Dance Club Town Dance Contest dance.swf
2015-4dock Dock Southern Flippr Island Hydro Hopper dock.swf
2015-4dojo Dojo Dojo Courtyard Card-Jitsu dojo.swf
2015-4dojoext Dojo Courtyard Northern Flippr Island None dojoext.swf
2015-4dojofire Fire Dojo Ninja Hideout Card-Jitsu Fire dojofire.swf
2015-4dojohide Ninja Hideout Dojo None dojohide.swf
2015-4dojoshadow Shadow Dojo* Ninja Hideout Card-Jitsu Shadow dojoshadow.swf
2015-4dojosnow Snow Dojo Ninja Hideout Card-Jitsu Snow dojosnow.swf
2015-4dojowater Water Dojo Ninja Hideout Card-Jitsu Water dojowater.swf
2015-4eco Recycling Plant Forest None eco.swf
2015-4forest Forest Eastern Flippr Island None forest.swf
2015-4forts Snow Center Central Flippr Island None forts.swf
2015-4hotelbalcony Puffle Hotel Balcony* Puffle Hotel None hotelbalcony.swf
2015-4hoteldining Puffle Hotel Dining Hall* Puffle Hotel None hoteldining.swf
2015-4hotellobby Puffle Hotel Lobby Plaza None hotellobby.swf
2015-4hotelpool Puffle Hotel Pool* Puffle Hotel None hotelpool.swf
2015-4hotelroof Puffle Hotel Rooftop Puffle Hotel None hotelroof.swf
2015-4hotelroom Puffle Hotel Suite Puffle Hotel None hotelroom.swf
2015-4hotelsitting Puffle Hotel Sitting Room* Puffle Hotel None hotelsitting.swf
2015-4hotelspa Puffle Hotel Spa Puffle Hotel None hotelspa.swf
2015-4lake Hidden Lake Underground None lake.swf
2015-4light Lighthouse Beach None light.swf
2015-4lodge Ski Lodge Ski Village None lodge.swf
2015-4lodgepond Wild Ponds Northeastern Flippr Island Ice Fishing, Fluffy The Fish lodgepond.swf
2015-4lounge Radio Lounge Dance Club Thin Ice, Astro-Barrier, Bits and Bolts lounge.swf
2015-4mall Puffle Berry Mall Snow Center None mall.swf
2015-4mine Mine Underground Cart Surfer, Puffle Rescue mine.swf
2015-4mtn Ski Hill Ski Village Sled Racing mtn.swf
2015-4park Puffle Park Pet Shop None park.swf
2015-4pet Pet Shop Plaza Pufflescape pet.swf
2015-4petupstairs Puffle Lounge* Pet Shop None petupstairs.swf
2015-4pizza Pizza Parlor Plaza Pizzatron 3000 pizza.swf
2015-4plaza Plaza Eastern Flippr Island None plaza.swf
2015-4rink Stadium Puffle Berry Mall None rink.swf
2015-4school Flippr University Mine Shack None school.swf
2015-4schoolclass Flippr University Classroom* Flippr University None schoolclass.swf
2015-4schoolgym Flippr University Gymnasium* Flippr University None schoolgym.swf
2015-4shack Mine Shack Eastern Flippr Island None shack.swf
2015-4shop Clothes Shop Town None shop.swf
2015-4sport Sport Shop* Ski Village None sport.swf
2015-4stage Stage Plaza None stage.swf
2015-4town Town Western Flippr Island None town.swf
2015-4underwater Underwater Cafe Underground None underwater.swf
2015-4village Ski Village Northeastern Flippr Island None village.swf
2015-4wikia Lake Wikia Southern Flippr Island None wikia.swf
2015-4woods Puffle Woods Eastern Flippr Island Puffle Roundup woods.swf
2015-4lodgepond Wild Ponds* Behind the Ski Lodge Fluffy the Fish, Ice Fishing lodgepond.swf

Recurring RoomsEdit

Rooms are listed alphabetically by SWF name. Please do not reorder unless necessary.
"*" denotes a room without a Club Penguin counterpart. Recurring Rooms are rooms that have been available on Flippr more than once, but not permanently.

Image Room Name Location Minigames Instances SWF Name
2015-4ship Ship Deck* The Migrator None Puffle Party 2015 ship.swf
2015-4shiphold Ship Hold* The Migrator None Puffle Party 2015 shiphold.swf
2015-4shipnest Crows' Nest* The Migrator None Puffle Party 2015 shipnest.swf
2015-4shipquarters Captain's Quarters* The Migrator None Puffle Party 2015 shipquarters.swf
2015-4partygrounds Party Grounds* Northwest Flippr Island None None partygrounds.swf
2015-4mod Moderators' Room* Unknown None None modroom.swf