Puffle Hotel
Puffle Hotel

Where Between the Stage and Pet Shop
Opened  ?
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games None
Room ID  ?

The Puffle Hotel is a building in Flippr. It is located next to the Pet Shop and can be accessed by the the Plaza or Pet Shop. The building was designed by Paige. You can buy things for your puffle as well as look after them here.


  • The exterior of the building has the same color scheme as the Pet Shop.
  • You can bring your puffles here to pamper them.
  • Despite being called a Puffle Hotel, the Puffle Hotel has no hotel rooms to stay at, thus being more of a Puffle Resort.
  • You can do the Puffle Tasks here.
  • There are no stairs in the hotel, just an elevator.
  • If someone throws a snowball at you on the spa part of the second floor, you'll be covered in bubbles.