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A Puffle is a pet that can be owned by penguins. They were originally found by Rockhopper. There are different types of Puffles such as different colors and species. They are the only type of pet that a Penguin can own.

Flippr does not include any Puffle Creatures.

Puffles Edit

Club Penguin PufflesEdit

Image Color/Name
BluePuffle Blue
RedPuffle Red
PinkPuffle Pink
BlackPuffle Black
GreenPuffle Green
PurplePuffle Purple
YellowPuffle Yellow
WhitePuffle White
OrangePuffle Orange
BrownPuffle Brown
RainbowPuffle Rainbow
GoldPuffle Gold

Flippr Exclusive Puffles Edit

Image Color/Name
Magenta Puffle Magenta
Silver Puffle Silver
Jungle Puffle Jungle
Ice puffle Ice
Premagic Magic
SpectrumPuffle Spectrum
Handbook Aqua Puffle page Aqua