Polar Bear
Bear Art
Official Name Flippr Polar Bear
Appeared Launch
Status Playable
Sub-group of Species

Polar Bears are one of the main species on Flippr Island. They are available to all players, and are one of two non-aquatic species. They cannot use Colors. Their compliment is arctic bunnies. Herbert is a polar bear, but has his own sprite.


Polar bears' artwork is based on Herbert, but their in-game sprite is unique. The arctic bunnies have a similar sprite, but the polar bear sprite has a few unique distinctions. Polar bears have blue noses and no tails, as well as pointy ears. Arctic bunnies by comparison, have bunny ears, pink noses, and fluffy tails.


  • Herbert is a polar bear, but he is much larger, and has a very different sprite from regular polar bears.


Official ArtworkEdit


Herbert Sprite

Herbert's sprite in-game (Note he is bigger and has a different shape)