Ninja Party 2016
NinjaParty logo

When July 6 - July 20
Free Item(s) See #Free Items
Where Flippr Island
Mascot(s) Sensei & Tusk

The Ninja Party 2016 was a party in Flippr 2016. It was first announced with a sneak peek for the Ninja Puffle, then with a picture of a water ninja at the Ski Village.

The date was firstly announced by DJFang during one of his meetups, but later he said that due to time constraints, the party may be delayed. It was later announced on Twitter that the party would start on July 6. Players must stabilize the 3 main elements of Card-Jitsu.

Free Items on a post (14 July) Edit

Icon Name Location ID
19501 icons Fire T-Shirt N/A 19501
19502 icons Water T-Shirt N/A 19502
19503 icons Snow T-Shirt N/A 19503
19504 icons Shadow T-Shirt N/A 19504
19500 paper Training Dummy Costume N/A 19500

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