The following is a list of mascot only items. Each of them can only be worn by their respective mascot. Every item contains a button to claim a different giveaway.

Permanent Mascot ItemsEdit

Sprite Name Mascot Attached Giveaway
Aa sprite Aunt Arctic's Ensemble Aunt Arctic Aunt Arctic's Opening Gift
C sprite Cadence's Ensemble Cadence Cadence's Opening Gift
D sprite Dot's Ensemble Dot Dot's Opening Gift
G sprite Gary's Ensemble Gary Gary's Opening Gift
Herbert Sprite Herbert's Ensemble Herbert P. Bear Herbert's Opening Gift
Jpg sprite Jet Pack Guy's Ensemble Jet Pack Guy Jet Pack Guy's Opening Gift
Klutzy Sprite Klutzy's Ensemble Klutzy Klutzy's Clickety Click Clack
Lolz Lolz (item) Cadence None
Ph sprite Paige's Ensemble Paige Paige's Opening Gift
Pete Pete (item) Paige None
Protosprite Protobot's Ensemble Protobot UP10K's Opening Gift
Rh sprite Rockhopper's Ensemble Rockhopper Rockhopper's Opening Gift
R sprite Rookie's Ensemble Rookie Rookie's Opening Gift
Ro sprite Rory's Ensemble Rory Rory's Opening Gift
S sprite Sensei's Ensemble Sensei Sensei's Opening Gift
JetbotSkibotWheelbot Jetbot's Ensemble, Skibot's Ensemble, Wheelbot's Ensemble Test Bots Test Bots' Opening Gift
Tusk Tusk's Ensemble Tusk Tusk's Opening Gift
Yarr Yarr (item) Rockhopper None

Temporary Mascot ItemsEdit

Sprite Edit
Name Mascot Attached Giveaway Date Active
N/A Chicken's Ensemble Chicken Chicken's First Gift March 23rd, 2014 - (Still in use)
Y7tc9z4 Cyberwolf's Ensemble Cyberwolf Cyberwolf's First Gift March 23rd, 2014 - (Still in use)
Sl sprite Sandor's Winter Ensemble Sandor Sandor's Gift (Feb 2014) February 14th, 2014 - March 22nd, 2014
Sl april sprite Sandor's April Ensemble Sandor Sandor's Gift (April 2014) March 23rd, 2014 - (Still in use)
Sl april sprite with puff Sandor's April Ensemble (with Poof Poof) Sandor Sandor's Gift (April 2014) March 23rd, 2014 - (Still in use)