Herbert P. Bear

Full Name Herbert P. Bear
Species Polar Bear
Gender Male
Position Villain
Appeared  ???
Color White
Clothes Items Herbert's Ensemble
Related To Klutzy (sidekick)
Friends With Anyone who adds him
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Staff

Herbert P. Bear (also known as Herbert Percival Bear, Esquire or just simply Herbert) is a Mascot on Flippr. Enemy of the EPF and PSA, Herbert P. Bear really doesn't have awful intentions. He just wants a warm place to live! Unfortunately, he tries to achieve this with plots and schemes. Don't worry, they always fail!


  • Full Name: Herbert Percival Bear, Esquire
  • Backstory: Herbert left his home in the Arctic Circle to find something warmer, but he fell of his iceberg. Klutzy the Crab saved his life by dragging him to shore.