Welcome to Flippr Wiki's Requests for Bot Flag (RfBot) page. This is where users can request a bot flag on the wiki.

To request a bot flag rights, please read the User Rights Policy and our Bot Policy, and then follow the follow steps below:

  1. Using the box below, create a subpage. Change YourUsername/BotUsername to your username.
  2. Edit the page, as the template shows.
  3. Save the page.
  4. A bureaucrat will then approve your request, and will add it to the table at the bottom of this page.
  5. Your request will then be read and reviewed by users and editors of the wiki. They may have questions, so please come by and check on your request to see what is happening to it often.
  6. A request usually lasts two weeks before a consensus is taken. You will receive a notice on your talk page giving you details of the result of your request.
Information icon4 Note: By requesting a bot flag, you agree to the Bot Policy.

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